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Good Day and Peace

Did you ever experience a time when you were concerned or confused about who you are or what
you do or how you do what you do or why you even care?

There is not only a sensible answer, there is a godly plan, process, provision and purpose to help you!
Our web-site is designed to empower people through a renewed awakening of their God-given
physical/spiritual senses and enable them to make positive daily life circumstance decisions,
regarding relationships, behavior and conduct toward God, others and oneself, ALL consistent
with God’s WORD.

Our goal is to offer a specific and sensible plan, process and provision, and purpose for anyone, who seeks to
know, to reason, to value, to test, to measure, and to validate his or her LIFE as to:

  • Who they are BEING;
  • What they are DOING;
  • How they do what they do; and
  • Why they care to BE and DO anything.

At the very least, YOU will enjoy exploring your God-given senses, learning their origin, their
order and their obvious common usage to communicate, who you are BEING.

Resources: What is IT about God?

Resources: “What is IT about God?”

We are not teaching ‘How-to-speak Hebrew,’ rather asking for you to rediscover specific and sensible concepts presented in God’s WORD from the beginning of Creation and Mankind about His wayorderrelationship and destiny, which remain adaptable and practical for daily character and conduct decisions. (Genesis 4:6-7)

Ancient Hebrew understanding, particularly before the Babylonian Exile, back to Abraham, provides a wonderful resource to better understand how culture, communication and languages have evolved, influenced and changed during the history of Mankind — yet how consistently specific and sensible God’s WORD is to ALL people, regardless of generation or eon of time.

What is IT about God?—His WORD; His GRACE; His GLORY; His BLESSINGS

Everyone, at some time, talks about and/or wonders about the existence of, as well as the way and work of God.

This study series, likewise, begs these complex questions for specific and sensible answers — ‘What is IT about God?’ — is there enough specific historical evidence, observable by our God-given senses, that will convey valid physical and spiritual information, revealing whether God is or is not — right, wrong, good, bad, righteous, unrighteous, functional and/or dysfunctional; and

Even though there are physical and spiritual mysteries, which cannot be determined by human intellect, does there remain validating proof and testimony, throughout the universe, as well as history of mankind, that the existence of God’s plan, process, provision, and purpose cannot be denied?

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (please excuse our ‘bloopers’)

Our ministry is not perfect and does not claim to have all answers.  Our goal is not to teach you what to think, rather empower you to know, BE and DO what you think specifically and sensibly about God and how you relate to God, others and oneself. Psalms 92:4-7; Proverbs 10:23

We purposely inform, by repetitive reinforcement, using a particular set of biblical core-value words and concepts which are specific and sensible, as well as consistent with God’s WORD to restore Mankind’s broken relationship with Him, others and oneself, as well as make sensible daily life circumstance decisions of character and conduct.

Basic Understanding – What is IT about God?

When God stated that He would create man in His image (Genesis 1:26), He uniquely wired man — i.e. physical and spiritual genetic DNA — with God-given senses as a barometer for reason, understanding, value, testing and validation, in order to make behavior and conduct decisions in life circumstances and relationships , as well as know who he was BEING by what he was DOING.